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Greetings masters of Jianghu!

The Rivalry Edition of AoWD goes live on April 21st, 2016. With it comes´╝î AoWD now supports 7 language! Check the the update details below! 


I. Level 70 is available

1. Level 70 equipment upgrade, Enhancement and Reinforcement are available.

2. Chapter 8 of the campaign, Level 70 Darksteel Ore, and level 70 equipment designs are now available.

3. For level 70 players, Meridian limit has been increased to 6 stacks, and Meridian Level limit has been increased to 140

4. Treasure upgrade limit has been increased from 60 to 70.

5. Level prizes for levels 60-70 have been increased.

6. A new level 70 Jianghu Costume has been added.

7. A new Achievement Quest for reaching level 70 has been added.

8. Number of levels in Endless Dungeon has been increased to 90.

9. Upgrade limit of Skills and Internal Skills has been increased to 8.

II. Added School Functions

1. School Position - Grandmaster (School War Initiator)

How to be a Grandmaster:

1) The top 20 players in the School Power Rankings at 8:00 P.M on Saturdays will automatically become candidates.

2) All candidates can click "I want to join the campaign" between 8:00 P.M on Saturday and 10:00 A.M on Sunday to join. 

3) Level 30 and higher school members can click "I want to vote" to vote for one of the candidates between 10:00 A.M and 10:00 P.M on Sunday.

4) The candidate with most ballots at 10:00 P.M on Sunday will become the new Grandmaster.

5) The Grandmaster's term lasts from midnight on Monday until midnight on Sunday

Grandmaster Perks:

1) Get an exclusive title.

2) Appoint players to other school positions.

3) Declare school wars.

4) Get more chances to teleport, as well as receive more battle rewards in School Wars.

5) Other positions also have more teleporting chances and battle rewards in School Wars.

2. School War

Grandmaster can declare war in the School War page.
Rules for Declaring War:


1) Declaring war costs 10000 School Funds. School Funds can be obtained from donations.

2) When Grandmaster declares war before 8:00 P.M, the School War will begin at 8:30 P.M the next day.

3) When Grandmaster declares war after 8:00 P.M, the School War will begin at 8:30 P.M the day after the next day.

4) Cannot declare war against a school that has declared war, has had war declared against them, or is still in a School War.

5) When declaring war, you can only declare war again 24 hours after the School War is over. Each school can only have war declared against it twice in a week.

Entering Rules:

1) Level 30 is required.

2) School disciples can enter 2 minutes in advance. Disciples of other schools enter at 8:30 P.M.

3) All participants will automatically change into their school outfits.

4) The population limit for Defending side and the Attacking side is 200 each.

Battle Rules:

1) All participants will get attribute bonuses.

2) Both sides in the School War will be rebalanced every 5 minutes according to the number of participants.

3) The side which occupies the capture points and kills or protects the Grandmaster wins.

4) The more participants there are, the less damage they deal upon each attack.

3. School Renown

Renown Usage:

1) Collect School Renown to activate corresponding titles, upgrade Attributes, and get other rewards.
 How to get Renown:


1) Participate in School Wars.

2) Participate in School Quests.

3) Donate to the School.

III. Divine Weapon Manual

Players will get 6 Divine Weapons and outfits at Level 40.


1) Forging Divine Weapons

Use Forging Stones to forge Divine Weapons. The attributes will be increased (different forging phasesuse different items).A successful forge adds half a star and a failed forge deducts half a star. Use a Safety Rune to make sure you don't lose stars if forging fails. You can get Forging Stones and Safety Runes from Jianghu Adventure, World Journey, and School War, or purchase from the Pawnshop and Shop. 3 low-level Forging Stones or Safety Runes can be combined into 1 higher level Forging Stone or Safety Rune.
 2) Smelting Divine Weapons

After forging the weapon to 9 stars, you can smelt the weapon at most 4 times. Each time a special effect will be unlocked and the appearance of the outfit will be upgraded.
You can get Smelting Stones from the Sky Arena, Endless Dungeon, School War, and World Journey, or by purchasing them from the Pawnshop. 3 low-level Smelting Stones can be combined into 1 higher level Smelting Stone.
Note: You can only activate one divine weapon special effect at a time.


IV. Quenching Equipment

A new equipment upgrade function – Quenching - will be available to players who reach Level 45. Quenchingis unlocked when equipment reaches Level 45. A new Quench Attribute will be unlocked every 5 levels. Each equipment can have at most 5 Quench Attributes. Level 55 Jade Equipment has 1 more Quench bar than Gold Equipment.

1) Quench Attributes have different types and quality

Quench Attributes include Attack, HP, Damage Reduction, and Critical Hit.
 Each kind of Attribute has 4 qualities: Primary, Medium, Advanced, Supreme. Attributes of different qualities have different base values, upgrade values, max Levels, and upgrade experience.
 The same Quench Attribute with different qualities cannot be equipped on the same equipment (E.g. Advanced Attack and Medium Attack cannot be equipped at the same time).

2) Use Meteor Souls to upgrade Quench Attributes

Players can use Smelt to convert unneeded Quench Attributes into Meteor Souls. These Meteor Souls can then be used to upgrade Quench Attributes.
Quench Attributes with different qualities cost different amounts of Meteor Souls to upgrade. The higher the quality of the Quench Attribute, the more times it can upgrade and the better its buffs.

3) Use a Quenching Hammer to Quench

Players must have a Quenching Hammer to player Quench. Players can get Quenching Hammers from the Sky Arena. Players on School Rank can claim Quenching Hammers. If a player doesn’t have a Quenching Hammer, they can use Gold instead.
The more times players quench, the more Quenching Hammers or Gold they will spend. The Quench times increase to as many as 600 times along with VIP Level.

V. World Journey

Players can find Youngest Sister - Yihan in Suzhou or click Jianghu Daily to enter World Journey. Players escort Youngest Sister and complete as many Instances as possible.


1) Players can challenge twice daily. Un-used challenges will roll over to the next day. Players get 12 challenges each week. Challenges will reset at midnight of the next Monday.

2) Players can use Quick Skip to skip to level 5, level 6 or level 7.

3) Three special skills can help players complete Escort quests efficiently:
Possessed by Warlord: Gets Heavy Rage and immunity to control debuffs.
Gentle Wind: Restores HP
Ten-Direction Ruins: Kills normal monsters and reduces boss and elite monsters' HP by 30%.

4) When players die, they can revive by clicking the Revive button. Players have three revives in each challenge.

5) Players with high power can click Quick Play to complete the quest quickly.

6) Players have to complete the task within 15 minutes, or they will be removed from the instance.



1) Players will be ranked based on their kill points and completion time. Breaking records will offer extra rewards.

2) Weekly rewards are determined by the rankings on Sunday night. Weekly rewards are sent via mail from midnight to 4:00 A.M on Monday. During this period, the event is unavailable.



VI. Two New Martial Arts

1. Phantom Twin Daggers: Twin Daggers Set

2. Fury Staff: Quarterstaff Set

VII. Optimizations

1. New animation when killing enemy players has been added

2. Material Synthesis function has been added

3. Added reminders for Martial Arts upgrades, level ups, and Skill Builds

4. Optimized Revere function
  1) Can view revered person's profile now
  2) Outfits and Cloak are displayed on the portrait
  3) Revere button disappears after revering – only view button remains.
  4)Revere Rankings have been added


5. World Challenger Adjustments
  1) World Challenger interface has been redone. It now displays a respawn countdown. Now is recommended automatically to the player according to remaining time and recommended power.
  2) Reduced World Challenger's maximum HP: Reduced the HP increased by Lunatic Rage from 20% to 10%. If World Challenger is not killed by the respawn time, 10 stacks of Lunatic Rage will be removed. Boss’s Lunatic Rage buffs are now factored into the Might recommended for players.


6. Guild War Adjustments
  1) Guild Channel voice message will be played automatically now.
  2) Guild War starting time is now 9:00 P.M on Sundays.
  3) Fixed bug in which attributes balanced for the Guild War would affect Power Rankings.
  4) AddedGuild War score interface.


VIII. Rewards Adjustments

1. Demon's Challenge Rewards: Players will now get more Enhancement Materials.

2. Sign-in Rewards: Additional Work Kit Shards have been added. Players may now sign-in for 25 days to get: Eight Trigrams Staff.

3. Taihu Palace, Huanhua Sword Sect Reward: Players will now receive more Work Kit Shards.

IX. Balance Adjustments

1. New Limits on Control Debuffs:

    1) If player is attacked by control debuffs in battle, when the player is attacked by the same type skill within 15 seconds, the duration of the debuff will be reduced by 50%. When the player is attacked by the same type skill for the 4th time, he will be immune to the control effect.
    2) 15 seconds after being affected by control skills, player’s control resistance reset.
    3) The following debuffs are affected: Slow, Root, Dizzy, Silence, and skills that disable flying skills.
    4) Only control debuffs of the same type are affected.
    5) If the same control debuff is inflicted multiple times by a single skill, it is only counted once.
    6) Jade Quality Martial Arts are not affected by these limitations for the time being.
2. Martial Arts Skills Adjustment

Weituo Staff Skill
Increased Normal Attack speed.

Twisting Serpent adjustments:
Twisting Serpent adds 2 points and has Dragon Struck effect, player will get Light Rage when casting the skill. Twisting Serpent adds 3 points, player will get Light Rage when casting the skill.

Shaolin Mental Skill
Deflect 15% Damage. RecoversHP upon receiving damage 10 times. The higherthe player’s level is, the more HP the player will recover.
Departing Sting
Stunning Arrival: With Pain of Separation effect, players will dash with Light Rage.
Departed Kin: With Pain of Separation effect, skill will be cast with Light Rage.
Soul Vengeance
Increased counter speed
Increased Iron Grasp casting speed

Devil's Palm
After adding 3 points, Rejuvenation cannot ignore Parry anymore.
Dragon Claw
Under Parry Counter, attacking an unparried enemy can stun him now.