New Add



1. The Triumphant


Once level reaches 100, complete the corresponding quest to reach the Triumphant Echelon.


Higher level of the Triumphant Echelon will endow you more power. And more gameplays will be available for the Triumphant Echelon.



2. The Western Suburb Secret Dungeon


Go to the Secret Dungeon which has many floors to challenge heroes. Teaming up is recommended cause its tough requirements.



3. Nest of Dragon and Tiger


Nest of Dragon and Tiger has opened to specified players, where the Power Constitution is strictly required. Explore the nest and treasures are waiting for you.



4. Equipment Inscription


The Triumphant is required to inscribe.


Inscription Rules: You can inscribe the equipment on your body (weapon will be the current using one). The attributes will be activated when the equipping equipment have reached a certain level (main and secondary weapon will share the inscription attribute on the weapon slot. Cloak doesn't have the level requirement). You will get 1 star and 1 special attribute for every inscription of 20 levels.



5. Add Jade Cloak Surge function. A necessary item called as Phoenix because it is red, used for surging Cloak.



6. New horse: Crane



7. Max feed limit of some horses increased.






1. Rewards of many gameplay improve greatly, like Jianghu Adventure, Fiction War, Trail, Forbidden Peak, Hua Peak and Mount Hua.


2. Items of some exchange store optimized.


3. Grandmaster Path adds new max level limit.


4. Chi Sprint will be unavailable in some PVP events.