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Fiery Falchion - Yanyang Blade Overview

Posted by Snail - Aug 10,2018


Masters of true wisdom reach deep within themselves to unlock unparalleled power. Summoning forth the elements themselves, these skill scions of arcane knowledge shoot fearsome flame from their weapon. Dare not stand in their way, for those who do will feel the burn of the Yanyang Blade!


As the spring's bloom lies just around the corner, the Age of Wushu Dynasty community continues to blossom as players new and old set off to discover their inner martial arts master. To help you on your journey, we're back with another edition of our ongoing Martial Arts skill overview series. This week, we take a look at the deadly Yanyang Blade, and offer some protips on how to ignite your destiny!



Fear the Flame


The Yanyang Blade is a middling silver-level "Martial Arts" skill set. In order to practice this form, you will need to equip a Falchion - the machete-like single-sided sword that masters throughout Jianghu have learned to envy and fear. The set is a "Tough Set", meaning it not only does respectable damage, but also has defensive and HP regen abilities. Here is a closer look at each of these skills, and how to use them to beat down any foe.


Stake the Claim

The basic attack of the Yanyang Blade, Stake the Claim may be somewhat slow, but it makes up for it in sweeping and powerful attacks. The basic attack also has a special bonus tied to the "Flame" debuff (more on that soon). Enemies affected with Flame will have their Parry ignored when using Stake the Claim. 


Golden Strike

Golden Strike is a one-step Overt skill that deals substantial damage. The warrior will swing his blade in a full circle twice, dealing damage on all sides, before ending with a stomp kick that knocks enemies down. In addition, this Overt skill uniquely enters the hero into Light Rage, and will knock any Flame debuffed enemy down immediately. In addition, at higher Upgrade levels, Golden Strike will add stacks of "Yanyang Blade Force." When buffed with this, enemy attacks will be absorbed and the hero will recover 2% of max HP.


Tear Asunder

This skill forms the main control skill of the Yanyang Blade set, dealing decent damage as well as knocking enemies upward and outward. The first phase of this skill charges forwards and strikes with the blade, knocking them into the air. If the second phase is activated, the hero will hurl his Falchion forward like a boomerang, keeping enemies at bay and juggling those knocked up. In addition to all of this, when coupled with the Flame debuff, enemies attacked with Tear Asunder will be slowed, weakened, and their parry ignored.


Crescent Cut

The Feint skill for Yanyang Blade is Crescent Cut, which like all Feints will break an enemies parry. If successful, Crescent Cut will attach the "Disorder Chi" debuff - affected enemies will be disoriented for 7 seconds, during which time they will be stunned for 1 second every 3 seconds.


Swift Reprisal

Swift Reprisal is a Parry, and with it comes some awesome bonuses. After a successful Parry, Damage Reduction is buffed by at least 40%, and even higher at Upgraded levels. In addition, there is a 25% chance of attaching Flame, that debuffing attribute we've heard so much about above. That percent chance also increases at higher Upgrade levels.


Heaven's Call

Every skill set has their Rage Skill, and for Yanyang Blade its Heaven's Call. While executing Heaven's Call, the hero enters a Light Rage state, and while standing calmly in the center sends the Falchion on a while flight, damaging nearby enemies. At higher levels, it will burn enemies, causing extra damage. 



Master the Yanyang


For those who are looking for a solid mid-level skill set with balanced abilities, we'd recommend the Yanyang Blade for you. Here are a few protips from the Age of Wushu Dynasty team:




For Upgrading your skills, there are a few things to consider. Firstly - the Flame debuff is a really important of this skill. It helps unlock a lot of the best buffs and abilities for the set. If you're looking to maximize the effectiveness of the "Parry + Overt" debuff combo, you will want to look towards this as your Upgrade priority.


As an alternative strategy, those who are looking to use this as their HP regen skill set - so players other than Wudang who have the reliable Taichi Sword set - pump your upgrades into Golden Strike, which will increase the stacks of "Yanyang Blade Force" for HP regeneration. 



In general, we'd recommend to save Heaven's Call for last, if at all. While Rage skills are useful, the benefits will pan out mostly against groups of enemies where the fire effects can affect multiple targets, and ultimately that isn't worth the cost. 





For the Yanyang Blade, the trick is to combo the Flame effect. Try to start off with Parry's whenever possible - don't hang them out there for a Feint, however. After the Parry, your enemy will likely try their own Parry - use Stake the Claim to catch them off guard, as this ignores their Parry during the Flame debuff. If you need a quick fix to interrupt their attacks, use Golden Strike which bestows Light Rage during the attack. 


Mental Skills


Yanyang Blade is a part of the "Explosive Thunder" Mental Skill, so if you can get your hands on Five Talismans, Zen Balance, Red Blade, Wudang Poise, and/or Five Mental Elements, you can unlock the "Grind" effect, which will guarantee a Crit Hit.




Road to Mastery


Unlike more rare and powerful Skill Sets, the Yanyang Blade is relatively easy to get your hands on. Scroll Fragments will drop from nearly every Jianghu Adventure, and it is available for exchange on the Jianghu Adventure store. It also is known to drop from the Endless Dungeon, and can also be found from drops of World Challengers. For those clever and committed enough, the Yanyang Blade can be a powerful and easily upgradable asset for your collection of skills.