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Find Your Battlefield Buddies with the New Oath System

Posted by Snail - Aug 10,2018

Jianghu is in a state of total war, and it can be hard to know who to trust or where to turn. To help you navigate the turbulent times, we've rolled out the all-new Oath function. Now you can have a sworn allegiance to your closest friends, and be assured that you'll always have fellow warriors by your side.

You can activate the Oath function once you reach level 35.



Tap the Oath option on the top of the screen, and then tap "Take Oath." Bear in mind that taking an Oath costs Gold.



You can invite your friends to take an Oath with you, with a maximum of eight players in one Oath team.



After you have successfully invited your friends, tap "Take Oath" to attend the Oath ceremony.



The team leader can select a name for the Oath team, and team members can select customized titles once the Oath name is confirmed. If, for example, your Oath team name were "Wudang Warriors," team members can choose names like "Wudang Warrior - Wind" or "Wudang Warrior - Cloud," but your choices aren't limited.




If your Oath group has five or more players, you can participate in the Hua Peak battle arena.


The Oath function brings battle brothers together to forge a lasting alliance. As an Oath member, you can win personalized titles and sweet rewards. Take the plunge and declare your allegiance to your brothers in arms with an Oath today -- you won't regret it!