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Residence of Chivalry Is Now Live!

Posted by Snail - Aug 10,2018

Every warrior has their own answer to what a true hero is. In the brand-new Residence of Chivalry update, players now can be the hero as he or she wants! Do you want to be the king of kills, defeat others with 28 different styles of martial art? Come and join the MOBA competition and prove your skills! Or, if conquering doesn’t fit your motto of being a hero the new ‘residence’ system might suit you well. Up to 300 options to build your private residence, being a recluse is also a distinct way of being a hero! Let’s take a deep look at what we have added in the latest update of Age of Wushu!



It’s show time


Living in Jianghu is hard. As an experienced Jianghu warrior, you must have some something special to keep you alive. In Heroes Competition, the power, level and equipment of yours matter no more and your real ability will be put to test. Are you skillful enough to win the combat, do you have the confidence to lead your team to victory?



Dual Blade, No Mercy


A Legendary twin blades technic, lovers blade, have reappeared in Jianghu! The rumor says warriors who practice this technic, can defend themselves flawlessly while throwing an attack on their enemies. Moreover, together with this mysterious technic, A new divine twin blades weapon, Celestial Sword and Paragon Blade, also has come to Jianghu, Seeking for its rightful owner.



Fight in Jianghu, Live in paradise


Tired of the battlefield? How about being a recluse and living in the delicate residence of your own? The new Residence of Chivalry update gives you up to 300 customizations to build your unique resting haven! And there is more to it, money tree, visiting system, hot spring, come and discover new things in your Jianghu residence!



Good luck warriors, See you in Jianghu!